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• 12/30/2018



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• 3/6/2018

Ultra Series Multiverse 2017 edition

This is the recent version that shows all Ultra series universes up to Geed.
There are some problems with it mainly dealing with Gaia and Agul (I'm getting this info from Tom Constantine[Tokusatsu Network] on the KR FB group)
1. If you notice the lines that lead to Gaia, you can see that one of the line is connected to nowhere and runs off the page. It's suppose to be connected to the universe where ORIGIN SAGA happens.
2. Agul on the other hand, isn't connected to the original series's world. However this is simply because of how Agul and Gaia are as Ultras, they're linked directly to the earth, and could just simply be Agul being able to appear in any universe's earth while still being the original Agul from the TV Series. Gamu and Hiroya in ORIGIN saga are the originals from the show and the ending of ORIGIN SAGA is pretty evident that they would be the original versions.
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• 1/21/2018

Do the malaysian dvds count as eng subs?

the only page i look at here is the [[Style Guide/subbed releases]] as I really like it when un subbed tsuburaya tv shows/movies get subbed. However I don't see the malaysian dvds on there, they aren't botlegs and the two big distributors of the malaysian ultra dvds (VGB Network and Movie Master Distributors Ltd.) credit Tsuburaya and don't even mention TIGA/Chaiyo. So why aren't the Return of Ultraman,Ultraman Ace,Ultraman Taro,Ultraman Dyna and Ultra Galaxy subbed releases included?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 9/7/2016


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• 7/21/2015

Ultraman Exceed X

Another series known as "Ultraman Exceed X" has just been announced. It's currently unknown if this will be a sequel to the now-in-progress Ultraman X or something else entirely, but the blog above reveals the details about it!
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• 5/20/2015

Why are there two Ultra Wikis?

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• 11/12/2014

Ultraman Max episode question

The next episode of Ultraman Max to have an article setup for is the series's 2-part episodes, "Welcome to Earth!" featuring popular villain, Alien Baltan. Before I create the article(s) for it thought, I must ask:
Since the episodes' titles are the same, sans the "subtitle" for each part (Part 1 = The Science of Planet Baltan, Part 2 = Farewell Alien Baltan!) Should the article for the episodes be split up like normally, or should it be combined into one with each episode being split in two in the "Plot" section of the episode?
Please share your thoughts.
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• 10/18/2014

Thank You

I just want to drop a quick note here to thank everyone for their hard work getting this going. It took a lot to get us here, getting rid of some heavy drama and devoting time and energy for yet another new wiki on top of the other relatively new ones we have, but we're slowly getting there. Personally, I'd like to thank Digi, Digifiend, and Aldo for their hard work and efforts in getting the behind-the-scenes portion up and going, that all came together faster than I'd thought it would. I also want to thank Digi and Aldo for their additions as well on top of that.
I also want to thank Goji and Yao - their hard work and effort is already producing a high-quality Ultraman Wiki for the Tokupedia Hub, and one that upon completion we can be very proud of. I am grateful for your contributions and know that your experience and knowledge will see this project through to completion, massive though it be. It may be going really slow at times, but in the end that tender loving care will produce a wiki that will serve the Tokupedia Hub community well. I don't know a lot about Ultraman so I don't edit much - but that doesn't mean I can't recognize your hard work. I am glad that myself and the others handed you both a set of keys to this wiki. I look forward to you both being on the admin team for a long time!
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• 10/15/2014

Series/Ultra names

Id like us to settle on a naming convention similar to that of RangerWiki and Kamen Rider Wiki. Right now we have Ultraman Mebius going to the series and Ultraman Mebius (character) going to the character. We've also got something on the lines of:
Ultraman (franchise)
Ultraman (series)
....and so forth. I know the series pages have a red link to Ultraman (franchise) and Id like to kill that link. Plus episode pages use Ultraman Mebius (series) instead of Ultraman Mebius as in the article header. All such pages will have to be fixed, though Ive fixed some as we've gone along.
I want to thank everyone for all their hard work - Goji and Yao especially, since more of us don't watch Ultraman. It isn't easy building such a wiki from scratch, but I promise you as I do everyone else it will be as drama-free as our other wikis once it is finished. I am just sorry that it took what it did to get here.
I will try to keep the other thread going for To-Do stuff, but now that this forum is here lets spread it out so it isn't so convoluted. Try to keep each topic to its own thread.
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• 10/14/2014

Ultraman Max now on Crunchyroll!

Here's the deal guys, Crunchy is giving the full 39 eps to paid subscribers. (It's $6.95 a month if you're curious).
But, they are going to release and add 8 episodes every week on a Tuesday for free viewing until the entire set is available to both free and paid users. So, we can view episodes 8 a week or wait 4 to 5 weeks for the full set.
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• 9/9/2014

To-Do List

1) Update existing monster, host, and Ultra pages to look and feel more like RangerWiki. Rather than list every episode, there should be a number of episodes and a list of appearances link. Also have it stated in this manner:Episodes: 12 (Ginga)1 (Mebius)2) Remove background coloring from any infoboxes which retain it - this is the style Ultra Wiki uses and on top of that, it is hard to read. Lets use the gray and white style RangerWiki uses.
3) Ultraman (franchise) vs Ultraman (series) and similar headings - these seem to be interchangeable in various places around the wiki and between headers and articles. I think (series) should refer to the entirety of the franchise and Ultraman being the show (with (Hero) being the Ultraman itself). We should examine the structure and decide best how to correct this.
4) Update front page icons to use something more identifying to each series, current icons all look alike or very similar and it is hard to see what represents what.
5) Work on the comics (Aldo)
6) Bring back the slider but with a more varied list of links. 2/4 went to essentially pages from the same show.
7) Finish adding series to the Monobook sidebar
8) Fill in blank template pages
9) Continue to revert/delete content copied from Ultra Wiki by the sockpuppet of globally-blocked user CallMe232Will update this post as need arises.
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