Thank You

I just want to drop a quick note here to thank everyone for their hard work getting this going. It took a lot to get us here, getting rid of some heavy drama and devoting time and energy for yet another new wiki on top of the other relatively new ones we have, but we're slowly getting there. Personally, I'd like to thank Digi, Digifiend, and Aldo for their hard work and efforts in getting the behind-the-scenes portion up and going, that all came together faster than I'd thought it would. I also want to thank Digi and Aldo for their additions as well on top of that.
I also want to thank Goji and Yao - their hard work and effort is already producing a high-quality Ultraman Wiki for the Tokupedia Hub, and one that upon completion we can be very proud of. I am grateful for your contributions and know that your experience and knowledge will see this project through to completion, massive though it be. It may be going really slow at times, but in the end that tender loving care will produce a wiki that will serve the Tokupedia Hub community well. I don't know a lot about Ultraman so I don't edit much - but that doesn't mean I can't recognize your hard work. I am glad that myself and the others handed you both a set of keys to this wiki. I look forward to you both being on the admin team for a long time!