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UltramanZ-Haruki Natsukawa
Haruki Natsukawa
Ultra Identity: Ultraman Zett
Gender: Male
Series: Ultraman Z
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Chant My Name With Me!
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
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Actor(s): Kohshu Hirano

"'Kay! (押忍! Osu!)"
-Haruki's signature catchphrase[src]

"Space Martial Arts, the Inherited Fighting Technique! Master Zero! Master Seven! Master Leo!"
-Haruki's pre-transformation catchphrase for Alpha Edge[src]

"Burn in Scarlet Flames, the Power of Courage! Brother Ultraman! Brother Ace! Brother Taro!"
-Haruki's pre-transformation catchphrase for Beta Smash[src]

"Phantasmagoria, the Mystic Lights!"
-Haruki's pre-transformation catchphrase for Gamma Future[src]

Haruki Natsukawa (ナツカワハルキ Natsukawa Haruki) is a rookie pilot of STORAGE, and the main host of Ultraman Zett.

Character History

Haruki is a rookie pilot of STORAGE, the anti-monster robot force. On one fateful day, Haruki lost his life while fighting a monster that had come to Earth from the sky. His life was saved by merging with Ultraman Zett, and since then he began to fight as a hero of justice.


Haruki is polite and a natural-born athlete. He faces everything head-on and has an extremely strong sense of justice.

Although he holds conflicting ideals about “lives to be protected” and “beings to be killed,” he continues to move forward while fighting together with Ultraman Zett.



Behind the Scenes


Haruki Natsukawa is portrayed by Kohshu Hirano (コシュ ヒラノ Hirano Kohshu).


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