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This article is about a spin-off series in the Ultraman franchise.
Ultra Series Title Card - EX - Kaiju Girls
Kaiju Girls
Number: EX
Number of episodes: 24
First episode: We're Kaiju Girls?!
Original airing: September 27, 2016 - Ongoing
Production Order

Kaiju Girls (怪獣娘 (かいじゅうがーるず) Kaijū Musume (Kaijū Gārūzu)) is  a spin-off entry in the Ultraman franchise. It is based on the Ultra Monsters Anthropomorphic Project, a moe anthropomorphism project made by Tsuburaya Productions based on past monsters/aliens that have appeared in Ultra Series.


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Agira Aki Miyashita
Miclas Miku Ushimaru
Windam Reika Shiragane
King Joe
Alien Guts




Alien Guts Twin
Commander Black

Supporting Characters


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Season 1

# Title Episode Summary
1 We're Kaiju Girls?! Three girls: Aki, Miku, and Reika, are enrolled into the International Kaiju Rescue and Mentoring Organization, better known as GIRLS. There, young women find the souls of Monsters inhabiting their bodies and are trained to awaken their abilities to become Kaiju Girls.
2 Transform? Kaiju Girls!? Upon learning how to activate their Monster's Soul, via the Soul Riser, the girls are left to ponder how to activate their respective Monsters, as each one responds differently. While watching TV though, Miku's hot-blood passion and excitement allows her to be the first to transform, into Miclas.
3 Transform! Kaiju Girls!? With Reika having already learned how to transform into Windam (after secretly reading an erotic homosexual manga,) a despondent Aki reaches out to Zetton for advice. With Zetton and an unknown voice's encouragement, Aki's determination allows her to transform into Agira, saving a Preschool from a runaway car.
4 Hand Them Out! Kaiju Girls!? Now that the girls can transform into Kaiju Girls, they are tasked by Pigmon to hand out fliers, as beginner-work for GIRLS. When Miku attempts to get the work done faster than normally, the girls meet a veteran GIRLS member, the lone-wolf, Eleking.
5 Senpai! Kaiju Girls!? The girls decide to visit Harajuku for a day out. During their visit, Miku meets her idol: GIRLS Veteran, Red King. The two bond the whole day, but when Red King suggests that Miclas become a Kaiju Fighter like her, Miclas suddenly chokes...
6 Worry! Kaiju Girls!? Still rattled after meeting Red King, Miclas is left to deal with a lot of pressure placed on her, especially during an important Kaiju Girls exam that Red King has been placed in charge of hosting.
7 Fight! Kaiju Girls!? After a series of unusual fires have been breaking out all around town, the girls learn that the cause of them is a rogue Kaiju Girl known as Zandrias, who has gone crazy due to her monster soul taking control of her.
8 Joke! Kaiju Girls!? The girls meet another GIRLS veteran: Gomora, during an assignment in Osaka. There, the girls learn of Gomora's eccentric personality, and her unusually lively nature around Aki. Meanwhile, an unknown threat begins to make its presence known...
9 Going Berserk? Kaiju Girls!? When the girls visit Eleking to rendezvous on their latest mission, something goes wrong with Reika after she overhears someone spoiling a movie about ScoreYou, the manga she secretly admires.
10 Jump! Kaiju Girls!? While visiting Gomora to help Windam recover from the shock of going berserk, the girls stumble upon Red King as she's trying to teach Zandrias how to fly, against the latter's wishes.
11 Exam! Kaiju Girls!? The girls prepare for their final exam to become official Kaiju Girls. During their exam though, they and the rest of GIRLS are called into action when their sworn enemy emerges to attack: The Shadows...
12 We are Kaiju Girls!! The Members of GIRLS (minus Pigmon and Zandrias) face off against the Shadows that have snuck into the City. After eliminating all of them and the nest, GIRLS must now face off against the strongest of the breed, the Shadow Beasts.

Season 2

# Title Episode Summary
13 Arrival? Kaiju Girls?! Aki, Miku, and Reika have settled in as full fledged members of GIRLS, but it's not long before the threat of the Shadows appears again, with Aki tasked with dealing with the problem.
14 Shock! Kaiju Girls!? Aki helps Alien Guts and King Joe overcome the threat of a new breed of Shadows that possesses people known as the "Shadow Mist." The task of eliminating it proves challenging when the Mist possesses a fan that's attending a GIRLS event.
15 Café! Kaiju Girls!? Aki and Guts (the human form of Alien Guts) spend the day conversing about their respective roles and duties as members of GIRLS, vowing to have each other's back in times of a crisis, which is put to the test when the Shadows return to attack.
16 Training! Kaiju Girls!? With the threat of the Shadows rising due to their more frequent appearances, Pigmon decides to whip the members of GIRLS into shape in the event of a future Shadow Beast attack. Meanwhile, Eleking makes an ominous discovery...
17 Around Town! Kaiju Girls!? After finishing up their training (from the previous episode,) Aki, Reika, and Gomora decide to take the day off and hang around downtown, only to encounter a Shadow Mist attack.
18 Mom? Kaiju Girls!? Reika and Red King decide to visit Zandrias's house, where they meet her doting mother. When the Shadows attack nearby, the pair are shocked to learn that Zandrias's Mom is a Kaiju Girl too.
19 Growth! Kaiju Girls!? When Miku is hospitalized after being ambushed last night. The members of GIRLS are shocked to learn that her attacker was none other than Guts. In her lament, a shocked and confused Aki is greeted by Zetton, who has a heart-to-heart talk with her.
20 Collision! Kaiju Girls!? When GIRLS is put on lockdown by find Miku's perpetrator, Reika, Zandrias, and Noiseler stumble upon a shocking scene: Guts has a Twin, and it's being controlled by the Shadow Mist.
21 Plan! Kaiju Girls?! Now knowing of Guts's Twin's corruption to the Shadow Mist, the members of GIRLS formulate a plan on how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Aki and Guts's good self share a moment together.
22 On Stage! Kaiju Girls?! GIRLS sets up a trap to catch the corrupted Guts in an attempt to stop her. As expected, Guts's Twin arrives and brings an army of Shadows with her. Before she can attack though, she is confronted by the now-healed good Guts, who prepares to fight her instead.
23 Kaiju Girls Settle the Score!? GIRLS deals with the Shadow army, while the two Guts fight one another. When good guts begins to falter, Aki steps in and reminds her that they are a team, and that they need to work together, which finally manages to get through to her and stop her evil half. Despite it being expelled from her body though, the Shadows in attendence combine to take on a new form...
24 Together! Kaiju Girls!! A new Shadow is born from the combined essence of the Shadow Mist: The Shadow General. GIRLS now must face off against her and her summoned Shadow Beasts. Luckily, backup arrives in the form of Eleking and her newest students: Maga-Basser and Maga-Jappa.

Kaiju Girls Black

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