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Twitter accounts are accounts used by many people to send short, quick messages out to their followers. This page serves as a list of Twitter-verified accounts (which have the blue and white check mark), as well as those which are unverified but strongly believed to be official. When in doubt about posting information obtained via Twitter as to whether its source is credible or not, check the account against this list.

If an account is verified, it will have a blue tick (Twitterverified.png) next to the name.


Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

  • @torushome -Tōru Furuya: Scott Masterson/Ultraman Scott (Japanese Dub)


Ultraman: The Adventure Begins


  • @RagoneAugust- August Ragone: Author and Writer of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters, Japanese pop cultrue expert and Magazine Journalist
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