This is a STYLE GUIDE page- part of a series of supplements to assist you in your editing of the wiki. The STYLE GUIDE is currently in construction. Please be patient.

The following is a list of projects to be undertaken in the newly-created Operation: Ultraman Wiki.

Operation: Ultraman Wiki is a project in which we attempt to make Ultraman Wiki a better wiki. As it stands now, it better resembles a fan site with disorganization and unverifiable claims. For a basis of comparison, we want to make our wiki as organized, easy to navigate, and reliable for information as Bulbapedia and many other wiki projects.

Individual segments of the project will be listed below. Questions and comments should be relegated to the talk page, as this page can only be edited by admins. Everything in this project is up for discussion, so if you disagree with a point, or have an idea you feel would work better, make sure to bring this up.

Overall problems


For a wiki encyclopedia, we have a ridiculously low number of cited sources. Editors must start citing sources using the Storylink template. Controversial information that cannot be sourced can and will be challenged and/or removed.

Spelling and Grammar

Articles on this site are littered with grammatical and spelling errors. Please, if you're reading an article and see an error, correct it. Also remember to mark the check box "Minor edit" if that is all you do.

Fanon Contributions

Ultraman Wiki is a wiki based on factual information regarding the Ultraman Universe. Information regarding fan-created works are not to be referenced in the wiki unless they are recognized as canon by those officially associated with Ultraman. The addition of this information lowers the credibility of the entire wiki, as it is tantamount to us incorporating unofficial sources and made-up information into what is supposed to be a factual document. If you see references to fan-created content that does not comply with the above rule, please remove it.

Episode pages

  • IMPORTANT: We need your help in filling up all of the episode pages with plot summaries as well as cast information, particularly the Showa as well as the earlier Heisei seasons. If you are currently following one of these seasons, we would appreciate your assistance.
  • Episode Images: For the episode infobox, it would be recommended to use a screenshot from the actual episode if possible, rather than the smaller, file images from the official sites.

Character bios

  • IMPORTANT: Help us fill out the history section on character biography pages. If you feel something needs to be expanded on in full detail, feel free to do so.

Actor Pages

Please link actor pages to Wikipedia or IMDB when possible. For actors who lack any substantial pages on either site, try to link to their personal website, but only as a last resort.


  • Song pages: Majority of song pages require an update. Please fill up the lyrics (Japanese romanization and approximate English translation, along with the original Japanese lyrics if possible).
  • Timeline: Requires update on recent events from recent seasons.
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