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The Woman With Blue Fire (青い火の女 - Aoi Hi no On'na) is the 33rd episode of the series, Ultraman Mebius. This episode aired on November 18th, 2006.[1]


When a girl named Misa is possessed by the monster Femigon, it's up to Teppei to find a way to separate them from each other when he falls in love with her.


One day, Teppei is seen studying at his university when a friend of his named Takamura comes to him looking frantic. Takamura informs Teppei that he believes his sister, Misa, is possessed by a demon. Taken him to meet her, Takamura and Reiko (another friend) informs Teppei that a week ago, they were visiting a dock at the ocean when they were attacked by a blue fireballs. The friends were unharmed, but ever since the incident, Misa has developed uncontrollable pyrokinetic abilities whenever she becomes distressed. Shortly after the revelation, another friend of Takamura arrives on the scene with a psychic medium. The medium however uses sleezy tactics to try and bargain his way into curing Misa by briding Teppei's friends with faux talismans. However, the conman is put in his place when Misa experiences another pyrokinetic episode, proving that something is controlling her.

Taking Misa to GUYS for analysis and for her protection, Teppei begins to spend time with her, having been smitten by Misa upon meeting her. Later that night though, a blue, hunchback monster appears at a petrochemical plant and is prepared to attack. GUYS immediately deploys and they attack the monster with their lasers. Rather than fighting back though, the monster vanishes without a trace, much to GUYS's confusion. Identifying the monster as Femigon, the Will-'o-the-wisp monster, Teppei immediately goes to look for Misa, only to discover to his horror that Misa was possessed by Femigon, when she reveals the damage she sustained from GUYS's attack on the monster. Recalling the previous time in which Femigon possessed a MAT member, GUYS are now left with a difficult situation as killing Femigon would mean killing Misa as well.

Days pass and Teppei and Misa continue to bond with one another, but one night, Misa disappears and Femigon returns to the petrochemical plant once more. The monster goes on a rampage, feeding on the flames it ignited from its attack, while GUYS were powerless to stop it (knowing that attack Femigon would only do more harm to Misa.) Taking matters into his own hands, Mirai transforms into Ultraman Mebius and battles Femigon himself. Despite being able to fend off the monster, Femigon manages to put up a tough battle against Mebius thanks to its fireballs and lasers keeps the ultra at bay. After managing to fend off the ultra enough to resume its rampage, Mebius desperately attempts to strike with his mebium ray, but is suddenly stopped by Teppei calling out to him to stop. Taking advantage of the distraction, Femigon attacks once more before disappearing once more. Back at GUYS's HQ, Teppei chastises Mirai for nearly killing Femigon despite knowing that Misa is still possessed, only to get into argument with the other members of GUYS over what actions were right before storming away to sulk.

Lamenting over how to handle the situation, Teppei is met by Captain Sakomizu, who reminds Teppei of what he told his mother when she found out of his involvement with GUYS. Sakomizu gently reminds Teppei that although the steaks are high in trying to cure Misa, Teppei must not give up in trying to save her life (and any other lives her cares for) even if it means she could die. Taking Sakomizu's words to heart, Teppei confronts Mirai and apologizes for chastising him earlier, motivating to keep looking for a cure for Misa's possession. Miraculously, Teppei manages to find the cure later the night, creating a METEOR known as "Spirit Separator", which can separate Misa from Femigon's by firing the METEOR in conjunction with Mebius's mebium ray. Running off to tell Misa the news, Teppei discovers that she is gone once more, preparing to transform into Femigon once again. Sure enough, Femigon returns to the plant to fend once again. Luckily, Mebius is quickly on the scene of the monster's attack, and the two engage in battle. Despite Femigon bombarding the ultra with its fireballs once again, Mebius manages to power through, and after restraining Femigon, Teppei fires the Spirit Separator at the monster, severely weakening it and allowing Mebius to finish it off with his mebium ray, engulfing Femigon is bright light.

The plan is a success and Misa is freed. The next day, Teppei goes off to congradulate her, only to discover that she has no memories of himself or GUYS. Intially heartbroken that she is no longer interested in him, Teppei reassures himself with the same words that Sakomizu reminded him of earlier: To never give up, no matter what the outcome.


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  • This episode was one of a select handful of episodes that were simulcast worldwide on YouTube as part of Tsuburaya Productions' "Stay At Home With ULTRAMAN" campaign of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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