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    Avoiding potential interactions with rival wiki
    03:26, January 27, 2020

    Goji73, have you ever worked at this fandom's sibling site Just curious because there's something I wanted to make sure or two.

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    • More like rival site, but yes. I use to work for them, but I don't (nor will I ever) anymore.

      It's a long story full of bureaucratical nonsense... Are you a part of Tokupedia's discord server?

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    • No, not yet.

      I think I can relate you with that issue, but in my case, well, let's just said wikia users there too intolerant to flawed users like me. In fact, I had been unfortunate to made enemies with these people:

      • Muhammad Amir: I used to think of him as reasonable as you, only for him proven me wrong.
      • UltraGrenburr12678, probably worst user I ever met in my perspective. He was pissed by my misunderstanding about Gridman and Ultraman (2011) manga, disregard the fact that I still trying to get used with's rules, and other unbelievably ******' petty things. It's true my talents as a wikia user at times left something to be desire (sometimes left behind minor edits out of impulse or making summary that need some cleanups) and tries to improve, but that's a ******** for him. Glad he was not an admin, but if he is, well, let's just say he permabanned me without secomd thought from entire Fandom site.

      I deeply sorry if I sounds either upset or unintentionally insulted you. Writing these brings back awful memories. If you turned out have awful history with them, I think I can relate with you about it.

      Note: For your convenience, I censored out any swears and other profane words.

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    • I see, and you're fine.

      Here's my full story in case you're interested =

      One more thing, just so we can avoid anymore confrontations with the other wiki (since they have a bad habit of spying on ours from time-to-time,) I'm going to close this thread so they don't try to start anything in here, or give us any problems either...

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