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Ultra Fight Victory (ウルトラファイトビクトリー - Urutora Faito Bikutorī) is a miniseries in the Ultra Fight format which premiered as part of the Shin Ultraman Retsuden block on March 31, 2015, succeeding Ultra Zero Fight. Several scenes from the series are reminiscent of Ultraman Ace.[1]


Ultra Fight Victory, which was spun-off from the film, Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: 10 Ultra Heroes, headlines a new flute/sword-wielding blue version of Ultraman Victory named Victory Knight. Koichi Sakamoto returned to direct the mini-series.[2][3]


When a malevolent distortion that holds the "Space Emperor," an evil being whose power could destroy the Universe, opens up once every tens of thousands of years appears on Planet Gua, the evil entity Yapool, whom has been revived yet again, carries out his vengeance by plotting to release the contents of what lies in the Distortion. When Yapool enters Sho's Underground Home and steals the Victorium Core in his plans to revive the Emperor, Ultraman Victory and the Ultra Brothers must now save the Universe before Yapool can revive and free the Emperor from his imprisonment. In order to combat Yapool's slew of Super Beasts, Ultraman Victory is presented with a mysterious gift by a blue Ultraman...



Ultraman Victory Sho
Ultraman Ginga Hikaru Raido
Hikaru Raido, Sho
Ultraman Hikari
Ultraman Ace
Ultraman Leo



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# Retsuden # Alien/Monster Appearances Summary
1 91 When Sho and Sakuya are visiting the Underground on their day off of UPG work, they are ambushed by the Super Beast, Aribunta!
2 92 As Sho (as Ultraman Victory) battles against Aribunta, Yapool reveals himself to be behind the ambush, revealing his plan to steal the power of the Victorium Core for himself!
3 93 Rescued by a Mysterious Blue Ultraman, Ultraman Victory is presented with a new power that will help him against Yapool's insidious plan and his Super Beasts.
4 94 After Ultraman Victory disposes of Aribunta with his new powers, Ultraman Hikari reveals that Yapool plans to revive a being known as the "Space Emperor" with the power of the Victorium Core, and that Hikari (along with fellow Ultramen: Ace, Leo, and Astra) were sent by Ultraman King to put a stop to Yapool's plan as well. Meanwhile, while battling against Ace Killer, Ultraman Ace notices that Yapool has taken a hostage: Ultraman Ginga!
5 95 As Ultraman Ace and Ace Killer do battle on Golgoltha, Yapool reveals that the data he analyzed from Victory's fight against Aribunta has been absorbed by Ace Killer, transforming the robot into "Victory Killer," who easily overwhelms Ace in battle with Victory's copied powers.
6 96 Ultraman Victory Knight arrives to save Ginga and Ace from Victory Killer. However, things become more complicated when Yapool releases Lunatyx to attack Ginga while Victory Knight is distracted by his fight with Victory Killer. Luckily, an old friend returns to help Victory Knight against Yapool and his Super Beasts.
7 97 With the help of the returning Shepardon, Both Ultraman Victory Knight and Shepardon work together to destroy Victory Killer and Lunatyx, and rescue Ginga and Ace from Yapool's trap. However, while the Leo Brothers are preoccupied with fighting Velokron, Doragory, and Vakishim, Yapool take the opporitunity to revive the Space Emperor with the Victorium Core!
8 98 Arriving on Planet Gua to save the Leo Brothers, Ultraman Victory, Ginga, Ace, and the Leo Brothers must all work together to stall the Space Emperor's return, but first they must stand up to Yapool himself (whom has now entered the fight, and having grown more powerful from his last fight with Ginga and Victory) and his remaining Super Beasts, Velokron, Doragory, and Vakishim.
9 99 As the Leo Brothers and Ultraman Ace deal the finishing blows to Velokron, Doragory, and Vakishim, Ginga and Victory merge to become their fused form: Ultraman Ginga-Victory. With the combined powers of 10 Ultramen assisting them, the Fusion Ultraman finally destroys Yapool. Before dying however, Yapool has one last trick up his sleeve: finishing the Space Emperor's revival!
10 100 The Space Emperor, "Juda Specter," now freed from the Distortion, takes the offense by unleashing his Robot, Super Grand King Specter, to attack the Ultra Brothers. Unable to stand up to the Juggernaut Robot's power, Ace, Leo, Astra, and Ginga agree to hold off Super Grand King Specter while Victory takes the fight to Juda Specter himself.
11 101 Even with the help of the Knight Timber, Ultraman Victory Knight is pushed to the limit while battling against Juda Specter in a Sword Fight. Meanwhile, Ginga, Ace, and the Leo Brothers continue to fend off Super Grand King Specter as best as they can.
12 102 With a combination of the Knight Timber, the Shepardon Saber, and gaining the power of the Victorium Core for himself, Ultraman Victory Knight finally unleashes his full power, allowing him to finally annihilate Juda Specter. Super Grand King Specter too is severely weakened by the Victorium Core's excessive power, and is quickly destroyed by the other Ultra Brothers.
13 103


The Series Finale. With Juda Specter and Super Grand King Specter both defeated, Ultraman Victory uses the Knight Timber to re-seal up the distortion, and return the power of the Victorium Core back to its rightful place in the Underground.


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