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This article is about a series entry (the 23rd) in the Ultraman franchise.
Ultra Series Title Card - 24 - Ultra Galaxy
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
Number: 23
Number of episodes: 13
First episode: The Lawless Monster Planet
Original airing: December 1, 2007 - February 23, 2008
Production Order
Ultraman Mebius
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (ウルトラギャラクシー大怪獣バトル Urutora Gyarakushī Daikaijū Batoru) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Tsuburaya's Ultra Series. It is the twenty-first series overall. This series started on December 1, 2007.


Thousands of years have passed since the events of Ultraman Mebius. The Organization known as Zata Astromical Pioneers (alternatively known as ZAP) has been founded and acts as a Freigther Transportation Group across the Galaxy. One of its branches, the ZAP SPACY and its crew are tasked with a mission to the research Planet known as "Boris" to rendezvous with its crew (whom have gone missing.) Upon arriving though, the ZAP SPACY quickly becomes stranded on the planet due to a SpaceTime Wave causing their ship to crash-land, where they learn that all human life on the Planet has been wiped out by a Monster Apocalypse.

While learning what's become of Boris, the team soon meets a mysterious youth named "Rei," who shows that he has the ability to control monsters when he uses the Monster Gomora to fend off a Red King! Rei however is also suffering from amnesia, with the only memories he possesses is that of a Giant that's trapped within a Mountainside. With a common enemy and wanting to escape from the planet, The ZAP SPACY and Rei join forces to fend off the Monsters that now inhabit Boris. Along the way, the Team meets a mysterious woman who appears to know more about Rei than he knows about himself, as well as a malicious Black Robot who's trying to hunt them down. Rei and the ZAP SPACY must now learn to work together if they are to survive in a dangerous world unlike the one they once knew, all while trying to unravel the mysteries to the Monsters' appearance, as well as Rei's past.




Reimon Rei
  • Jun Haruna
  • Koichi Oki
  • Masahiko Kumano
  • Hiroshi Hyuga

Rei's Monsters





King Joe Black

Kate's Monsters


Fie Golza


Supporting Characters

  • Hiroki Haruna
  • Ato
  • Karen Mikura


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Main article: Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Episodes
  1. The Lawless Monster Planet (怪獣無法惑星 Kaijū Muhō Wakusei)
  2. The Fifth Crewman (五人目のクルー Goninme no Kurū)
  3. The Transparent Monster Attacks! (透明怪獣襲撃! Tōmei Kaijū Shūgeki!)
  4. Bemstar Has Arrived! (ベムスター参上! Bemusutā Sanjō!)
  5. The Trap in Belargo City (ベラルゴシティの罠 Berarugo Shiti no Wana)
  6. Another Monster Tamer (もう一人の怪獣使い Mō Hitori no Kaijūtsukai)
  7. The Stone Which Calls Monsters (怪獣を呼ぶ石 Kaijū o Yobu Ishi)
  8. The Underwater King (水中の王者 Suichū no Ōja)
  9. The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface! (ペンドラゴン浮上せず! Pendoragon Fujōsezu!)
  10. Unexpected Reunion (予期せぬ再会 Yoki Senu Saikai)
  11. Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman)
  12. Reiblood (レイブラッド Reiburaddo)
  13. Planet Escape (惑星脱出 Wakusei Dasshutsu)

Mega Monster Battle File

In addition to all the episodes in the series, an end segment of the episodes known as "Mega Monster Battle File" features Oki and Kumano showcasing the Monsters of their respective episodes (as the bandai toys to represent them) being displayed while tidbits of the Monsters are explained as well as Oki and Kumano's personal experiences with the Monsters.

# Monster Summary
1 Gomora Oki shows off Gomora's signature ability, the Super Oscillatory Ray, while telling Kumano that he will be teaching all he knows about Monsters, to Kumano's bewilderment.
2 Litra Oki shows off how Litra gained his new Fire Powers thanks to Rei saving it from dying, while Kumano breaks the 4th wall by contemplating how Rei's Battle Nizer works, to Oki's confusion.
3 Neronga Oki shows off Neronga's electrical abilities. Kumano learns that he was responsible for shutting down the Pendragon's engines, while Oki relents that he couldn't get to see the Monster in action.
4 Bemstar Oki shows off Bemstar's ability to absorb energy through its Gorge (as well as reminiscing when it devoured a whole Space Station,) while Kumano congratulates a flattered Oki for helping them take the Monster down.
5 Fire Golza Oki shows off how Fire Golza is different from the original Golza, and is about to do so even further to Kumano with a 5-hour seminar.
6 Twintail Oki shows off Twintail's whips, as well as its past history with the Monster, Gudon, only for him and Kumano to argue over how both of them are compared to the two monsters.
7 Bullton Oki shows off Bullton Dimensional-Warping abilities, while Kumano begins to ponder the many mysteries to Bullton's powers.
8 Eleking Oki shows off Eleking's Electrical abilities, while Kumano expresses interest in using Eleking for future engineering, causing Oki to eagerly go fetch Rei.
9 Zoa Muruchi Oki explains Zoa Muruchi's aquatic nature due to the Alien Mates involvement with the Monster, while Kumano re-enforces that there is a difference between a normal Muruchi and Zoa Muruchi.
10 King Joe Black Kumano shows off King Joe Black's powerful features, much to Oki's chargin, who originally wanted to show off Nova.
11 Zetton Oki explains Zetton's powerful abilities, as well as his past victory over the orignal Ultraman, while ending on him and Kumano asking the viewers to cheer them on for the upcoming battle.
12 Ultraman Oki praises Ultraman for his past victories against Earth's Monsters, while Kumano questions him on whether he wants to meet him or not (as the last episode was next.)


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