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This article is about a series entry (the 23rd) in the Ultraman franchise.
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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey
Number: 23
Number of episodes: 13
First episode: Reionyx Hunter
Original airing: December 20, 2008 - March 14, 2009
Production Order
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
Ultraman Ginga

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey (ウルトラギャラクシー大怪獣バトル NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY Urutora Gyarakushī Daikaijū Batoru Nebā Endingu Odessei) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Tsuburaya's Ultra Series and a direct sequel to Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle. Together with its prequel and movie, they are the 23rd series overall. This series started on December 20, 2008.


Taking place shortly after the events of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, the ZAP SPACY comes under attack by a mysterious man known as the "Reionyx Hunter," who soon reveals himself as "Dail," an Alien Pedan from the future who has traveled back in time to seek out and exterminate all Reionyxs in the universe. After Dail attempts to kill Rei on a ZAP Space Station, Rei and Captain Hyuga are separated from the other ZAP teammates and transported to Planet Hammer, where they learn that Reionyxs from all over the universe are gathering to battle each other to inherit the latent powers of the thought-to-be-dead Alien Reiblood, who is sealed deep within the planet himself.

To make matters worse, Rei must come to accept his new Reiblood heritage, as well as learn how to control his aggressive latent instincts when he gets corrupted by them. Together, he and the ZAP SPACY must fend off the hostile Reibloods on Planet Hammer, as well as unravel the mysteries to the Alien Pedan's true intentions, Rei's additional latent abilities after he is challenged by another Reiblood with a unique Batle Nizer, as well as unknown visions that he is having of another giant on the planet.




Reimon Rei
  • Jun Haruna
  • Koichi Oki
  • Masahiko Kumano
  • Hiroshi Hyuga

Rei's Monsters






Alien Pedan DailHarlen
King Joe Black
Alien Keel Grande
Alien Reiblood

Grande's Monsters

Red King

Reionyxs and Monsters

Supporting Characters



Main article: Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Episodes
  1. Reionyx Hunter (レイオニクスハンター Reionikusu Hantā)
  2. Reionyx Battle (レイオニクスバトル Reionikusu Batoru)
  3. Great Frenzy! Reionic Burst (大暴走!レイオニックバースト Daibōsō! Reionikku Bāsuto)
  4. Disturbing Reunion (困惑の再会 Konwaku no Saikai)
  5. At the End of the Rampage (暴走の果てに Bōsō no Hate ni)
  6. The Strongest Reionyx (史上最強のレイオニクス Shijō Saikyō no Reionikusu)
  7. The Second Awakening (第二覚醒 Dai Ni Kakusei)
  8. Shoot the Infiltrator! (潜入者を撃て! Sennyūsha o Ute!)
  9. Armor of Darkness (暗黒の鎧 Ankoku no Yoroi)
  10. The New Horizon of War (新たな戦いの地平で Arata na Tatakai no Chihei de)
  11. A Warrior's Grave Marker (ある戦士の墓標 Aru Senshi no Bohyō)
  12. Grande's Challenge (グランデの挑戦 Gurande no Chōsen)
  13. Planet Destruction (惑星崩壊 Wakusei Hōkai)

Mega Monster Battle File

Like the previous series, a segment that the end of the episode known as "Mega Monster Battle File" features Oki and Kumano showcasing the Monsters of their respective episodes being displayed while tidbits of the Monsters are explained as well as Oki and Kumano's personal experiences with the Monsters.

# Monster Summary
1 Gomess Oki shows off Gomess's features and history, while Kumano thinks that Gomess's scientific name of "Gometeus" sounds cooler for the Monster.
2 Dorako Oki shows off Dorako's abilities, but then goes overboard on the details after Kumano shows interest in the Monster.
3 Galberos Oki is about to show off Galberos, only for Kumano to unusally take over and talk about Galberos's abilities instead, to Oki's shock and impressiveness.
4 Antlar Oki shows off Antlar's abilities while he and Kumano briefly relate back on their confrontation with the Monster.
5 Vakishim Oki shows off Vakishim's abilities while he and Kumano briefly relate back on their confrontation with the Super Beast.
6 Tyrant Oki shows off Tyrant's body parts and abilities to the corresponding body part, and also mentions how it took out multiple Ultras consecutively, all while being enamored by Tyrant's multiple features.
7 Eleking Oki shows off Eleking as a tribute to Rei's fallen Monster, calling him a true friend for sacrificing its link with Rei before losing to Tyrant could kill its Master.

NOTE: From this Battle File onwards, the opening Battle Nizer was changed into a Neo Battle Nizer to coincide Rei's upgrade into it.

8 Imitation Ultraman Oki shows off Imitation Ultraman, initially believing it to be the original Ultraman, only to be corrected by Kumano.
9 Ultraseven Oki praises Ultraseven for his involvement with helping the ZAP Spacy without their knowledge of it, and of his ability to hold off Armored Darkness long enough for them to destroy it.
10 Miclas Oki shows off Miclas's abilities, as well as mentions his past history working with Ultraseven.
11 Birdon Oki shows off Birdon's abilities while he and Kumano briefly relate back on their confrontation with the Monster.
12 Red King Oki shows off Red King's abilities and mentions the monster's bad temper while he and Kumano briefly relate back on their confrontation with the Monster.

Video Release

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  • Like its predecessor Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, NEO is a pay-per-view service.
  • The first episode was distributed for free online on December 12, 2008, and remained available until January 31, 2009.


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