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"(User's name) Access granted!"
-Ultra Access Card announcement

"(Ultra's name), (Ultra's name), (Ultra's name)."
-Ultra Medals scanning announcement

"(Three Ultras' Grunts) Ultraman Zett: (Form Name)."
-Transformation announcement

The Ultra Z Riser (ウルトラZ(ゼッド)ライザー Urutora Z raizā) is the main transformation device used by both Haruki Natsukawa and Riku Asakura. Shinya Kaburagi (possessed by Celebro) uses it with the Kaiju Medals to summon monsters.


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Once the trigger is pressed, the users insert their Ultra Access Card into the Ultra Z Riser to initiate the transformation. After that, they can insert a set of three Ultra Medals into the slots on the blade. By sliding the blade to scan each medal and pressing the trigger a final time, they will then assume a fusion form.

Haruki can also transform into Zett's original form by skipping inserting any medals into the Riser[1].


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Users (chronological order)

User Ultraman/ Monster Episode Obtained Description
Haruki Natsukawa
Ultraman Zett
Chant My Name With Me! Haruki received his Ultra Z Riser along with his own Ultra Access Card and Three Ultra Medals (Ultraseven, Leo, Zero) after he was saved by Ultraman Zett by merging himself with Haruki.
Riku Asakura
Ultraman Geed
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Shinya Kaburagi
Chant My Name With Me! Shinya received his Ultra Z Riser after he was possessed by Celebro. This unit, along with some Ultra Medals, was stolen from the Land of Light during Genegarg's attack on the planet.


  • In the DX toy of Ultra Z Riser, previous fusions that involve three components can be initiated with their corresponding Ultra Medals.[2]
    • The fusion rise forms of Ultraman Geed can be utilized by using the two medals of its components along with Riku's Ultra Access Card.


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