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Ultra Zero Fight (ウルトラゼロファイト Urutora Zero Faito) is a miniseries in the Ultra Fight format which premiered as part of the Ultraman Retsuden block on August 1, 2012.


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The Ultimate Force Zero



Season 1

Beast Warriors of Hell

Season 2

Ultraman Belial Armored DarknessKaiser DarknessZero Darkness

Supporting Characters


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Season 1 - "A New Power"

# Retsuden # Alien/Monster Appearances Summary
1 57 After taking out a revived Bemular, Telesdon, Sadora, and Gudon in the Monster Graveyard with his new "Strong Corona" and "Luna Miracle" forms, Ultraman Zero is confronted by the culprit of the Monsters' resurrection: an Alien Bat named "Glacier," who has come to challenge him to battle his Monsters: the "Four Beast Warriors of Hell".
2 58 Accepting Glacier's challenge, Ultraman Zero is suddenly baited into a trap by being stuck in a specially-made Tector Gear, while battling against the first Monster of the Four Beast Warriors: Red King! Things only turn worse for Zero when Red King transforms into his much stronger form, EX Red King.
3 59 When a Pigmon is spotted by Glacier (having revived him by accident) Glacier orders EX Red King to kill him. Luckily, Ultraman Zero manages to fight the grip of the Tector Gear Hatred and free himself from it! Now free, Ultraman Zero transforms into his Strong Corona form and destroys EX Red King with the Garnate Buster.
4 60 Ultraman Zero and Pigmon suddenly find themselves in a white void, with seemingly no way out. While looking for a way, Ultraman Zero tells Pigmon the reason why he came to the Graveyard in the first place: to understand the new forms he was presented by Ultramen Dyna and Cosmos. Before he can continue however, he is confronted by a duplicate of himself.
5 61 Fighting and defeating his duplicate, Ultraman Zero continues to be haunted by more of the duplicates with no way of beating them, revealing that they are illusions of his own fear. It is then that Zero realizes that he is afraid of his newly presented power, and putting his doubt aside to face his fears head-on, Ultraman Zero defeats the illusions, revealing that they were the work of the second Monster of the Four Beast Warriors, Galberos! Finally, Ultraman Zero faces the last of the Four Beast Warriors: Gan-Q and Bemstar, who form the tricky new formation, Bem-Q.
6 62 Ultraman Zero finally destroys Bemstar and Gan-Q in his Luna Miracle form. Suddenly, Glacier has one final trick up his sleeve: Using the souls of his Four Beast Warriors to create a Giant Form for him to fight Ultraman Zero.
7 63 As Ultraman Zero and Glacier engage in their final battle, Glacier uses Pigmon's connected life force with himself to prevent Zero from fighting back and potentially killing Pigmon as well. After Pigmon reassures Zero to keep fighting, Zero reveals a trick of his own.
8 64 Having split into both his Strong Corona and Luna Miracle forms, the two Ultraman Zeros outwit Glacier and finally destroy him with Strong Corona's Garnate Buster, while Luna Miracle manages to giving life to Pigmon to prevent him from being killed by Glacier's death. With his opponent defeated, the Ultraman Zeros re-merge into one and reunite with the Ultimate Force Zero to take off on their next adventure.
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Season 2 - "Zero's Radiance"

# Retsuden # Alien/Monster Appearances Summary
1 76 A new group of villains known as the "Darkness Five" uprises after learning of Glacier's failure, and of Ultraman Zero's abilities. Meanwhile, Ultraman Zero fights and tames a King Silvergon from attacking a peaceful race of aliens. After sending the monster home, Ultraman Zero is confronted by none other than Mother of Ultra, who informs him that the Ultimate Force Zero are in danger.
2 77 Learning that his comrades have been turned into bronze statues, Ultraman Zero quickly learns that Mother of Ultra is an imposter and "she" reveals herself as the culprit: "Jathar," a Super Alien Hipporit of the Darkness Five. Despite using his unique bronze-touching ability though, Jathar proves to be of little challenge to Ultraman Zero, and is quickly defeated by Strong Corona's Garnate Buster.
3 78 "Villanius," an Alien Temperor of the Darkness Five, and his monster partner, Tyrant, ambush Ultraman Zero shortly after his battle with Jathar, and the duo quickly prove to be stronger combatants. Just as Zero manages to overcome their assaults though, he learns from the Darkness Five's Leader, an Armored Mefilas named "Sly" that they have a hostage in their possession: Pigmon.
4 80 As Ultraman Zero prepares to rescue Pigmon, he is suddenly ambushed by the rest of the Darkness Five: Glocken, an Alien Gloza, and Deathrog, an Alien Deathre. The three aliens and Tyrant proceed to overwhelm Zero with no mercy, trying to prevent him from leaving. Fortunately, backup has arrived.
5 81 The Ultimate Force Zero arrives to ward off the Darkness Five, while Ultraman Zero goes off to the Monster Graveyard to face the leader of the group, Sly.
6 82 The Ultimate Force Zero continues battling the Darkness Five, while Ultraman Zero continues fighting Sly and protecting Pigmon from him.
7 83 As Ultraman Zero continues to battle Sly, Pigmon is freed from his imprisonment. However just as their battle can go any further, Ultraman Zero is confronted by the true leader of the Darkness and a very familiar face: Ultraman Belial.
8 84 Ultraman Belial, now adorning and empowered by the armor of darkness and reborn under the alias "Kaiser Darkness," faces Ultraman Zero in an epic rematch to determine whose new powers are greater.
9 85 Ultraman Zero (having transformed into Ultimate Zero) impales Kaiser Darkness with his Aegis Sword, and appears victorious. However, Kaiser Darkness's pulls one last heinous trick. He forcefully possesses Ultraman Zero himself, taking full control of his body and transforming it into "Zero Darkness".
10 86 Having murdered Jean-Bot by slicing him up the middle in an ambush attack, Zero Darkness confronts the rest of the Ultimate Force Zero in a 3-on-1 assault. Despite their odds though, it's not enough to stop the superpowered ultra, who then kills Mirror Knight.
11 87 Zero Darkness continues to pick apart the remaining members of the Ultimate Force Zero, with Jean-Nine as his next victim, leaving only Glenfire.
12 88 Despite giving it his all, Glenfire is no match for Zero Darkness on his own, and is killed in short order. With the Ultimate Force Zero no more, Zero Darkness and the Darkness Five prepare to terrorize the Universe.
13 89 Before Zero Darkness and the Darkness Five can begin their terror on the Universe, Pigmon stands in their way. Suddenly just as Zero Darkness is about to kill him too, something stops him. Ultraman Belial is suddenly confronted by a new powerful form of Ultraman Zero, Shining Zero.
14 90 With his newfound powers, Shining Zero expels Ultraman Belial from his possessed body, regaining it back for himself. Without a body of his own, Ultraman Belial's soul fades out of existence while Shining Zero undoes the damage he's done by reversing the flow of time.
15 91 Using his Shining Zero form's time-travel ability, Ultraman Zero manages to revive all of his fallen friends, but does not recount the events upon losing the form. With the Ultimate Force Zero together once more, the team (with Pigmon in tow) heads back home to prepare for their next adventure. Unknown to them though. The Darkness Five have fleed the scene, and Ultraman Belial has been revived by Ultraman Zero's technique too.


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