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Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Tsuburaya's Ultra Series. It is the 2nd series overall and it is also the first series to feature Ultraman. The series started on July 17, 1966 and ended airing on April 9, 1967.


When the Earth is threatened by alien invaders and giant monsters, the world relies on the Science Patrol, a special anti-monster defense agency armed with high-tech weaponry and vehicles to combat these threats from the unknown. When the Science Patrol's weaponry is ineffective and all hope is lost, one of their members, Hayata, transforms into a giant alien called Ultraman to defeat the monstrous menace threatening the Earth, unbeknownst to the other Science Patrol members of his secret identity.[1]



Ultraman Shin Hayata



Supporting Characters

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  1. Ultra Operation No. 1 (ウルトラ作戦第一号 Urutora Sakusen Dai Ichigō)
  2. Shoot the Invaders (侵略者を撃て Shinryakusha o Ute)
  3. Science Special Search Party, Move Out (科特隊出撃せよ Katokutai Shutugeki seyo)
  4. 5 Seconds Before the Big Explosion (大爆発五秒前 Dai Bakuhatsu Gobyō Mae)
  5. Secret of the Miloganda (ミロガンダの秘密 Miroganda no Himitsu)
  6. The Coast Guard Command (沿岸警備命令 Engan Keibi Meirei)
  7. The Blue Stone of Baraj (バラージの青い石 Barāji no Aoi Ishi)
  8. The Lawless Monster Zone (怪獣無法地帯 Kaijū Muhō Chitai)
  9. Operation: Lightning Speed (電光石火作戦 Denkōsekka Sakusen)
  10. The Mysterious Dinosaur Base (謎の恐竜基地 Nazo no Kyōryū Kichi)
  11. The Ruffian from Outer Space (宇宙から来た暴れん坊 Uchū kara Kita Abarenbō)
  12. Cry of the Mummy (ミイラの叫び Miira no Sakebi)
  13. Oil S.O.S. (オイルSOS Oiru Esu Ō Esu)
  14. The Pearl Oyster Defense Directive (真珠貝防衛指令 Shinjugai Bōei Shirei)
  15. The Terrifying Cosmic Rays (恐怖の宇宙線 Kyōfu no Uchūsen)
  16. Science Special Search Party Into Space (科特隊宇宙へ Katokutai Uchū e)
  17. Passport to Infinity (無限へのパスポート Mugen e no Pasupōto)
  18. The Brother from Another Planet (遊星から来た兄弟 Yūsei kara Kita Kyōdai)
  19. The Demons Rise Again (悪魔はふたたび Akuma wa Futatabi)
  20. Terror on Route 87 (恐怖のルート87 Kyōfu no Rūto Hachijūnana)
  21. Break Through the Smoke (噴煙突破せよ Fun'en Toppa seyo)
  22. The Underground Destruction Work (地上破壊工作 Chijō Hakai Kōsaku)
  23. My Home is Earth (故郷は地球 Kokyō wa Chikyū)
  24. The Undersea Science Center (海底科学基地 Kaitei Kagaku Kichi)
  25. Strange Comet Tsuiphon (怪彗星ツイフォン Kai Susei Tsuifon)
  26. The Prince of Monsters: Part 1 (怪獣殿下 前篇 Kaijū Denka Zenpen)
  27. The Prince of Monsters: Part 2 (怪獣殿下 後篇 Kaijū Denka Kōhen)
  28. Human Specimens 5 & 6 (人間標本5・6 Ningen Hyōhon Go Roku)
  29. The Challenge to the Underground (地底への挑戦 Chitei e no Chōsen)
  30. The Phantom Snow Mountain (まぼろしの雪山 Maboroshi no Yukiyama)
  31. Who Has Come? (来たのは誰だ Kita no wa Dare da)
  32. The Endless Counterattack (果てしなき逆襲 Hateshinaki Gyakushū)
  33. The Forbidden Word (禁じられた言葉 Kinjirareta Kotoba)
  34. A Gift from the Sky (空の贈り物 Sora no Okurimono)
  35. The Monster Graveyard (怪獣墓場 Kaijū Hakaba)
  36. Arashi, Don't Shoot! (射つな! アラシ Utsuna! Arashi)
  37. The Littlest Hero (小さな英雄 Chiisana Eiyū)
  38. The Spaceship Rescue Command (宇宙船救助命令 Uchūsen Kyūjo Meirei)
  39. Farewell, Ultraman (さらばウルトラマン Saraba Urutoraman)


  1. Akio Jissouji's Ultraman (実相寺昭雄監督作品ウルトラマン Jissouji Akio Kantoku Sakuhin Urutoraman)
  2. Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle (ウルトラマン怪獣大決戦 Urutoraman Kaijū Daikessen)
  3. Ultraman, Ultraseven: Great Violent Monster Fight (ウルトラマン・ウルトラセブン モーレツ大怪獣戦 Urutoraman Urutorasebun Mōretsu Dai Kaijū-sen)


  1. Revive! Ultraman (甦れ!ウルトラマン Yomigaere! Urutoraman)

Video Release

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  • Originally, the series was intended to last 52 episodes (a Type-D mask for Ultraman was already crafted for said-run.) However, Eiji Tsuburaya nixed the idea so that he could concentrate more on developing new and different productions (which was soon revealed to be Ultraseven.) The Type-D mask would then go on to be used and slightly modified for the Ultraman Jack costume.

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