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This article is about a series entry (the 11th) in the Ultraman franchise.
11 - Ultraman Great
Ultraman: Towards the Future
Number: 11
Number of episodes: 13
First episode: Signs of Life
Original airing: September 25, 1990 – June 27, 1991 (Home Video)

December 23, 1991 – January 4, 1992 (Japan)
January 4, 1992
– March 28, 1992 (North America)

Production Order
Ultraman: The Adventure Begins
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Ultraman: Towards the Future is a Japanese-Australian tokusatsu drama in Tsuburaya's Ultra Series. It was released as Ultraman Great (ウルトラマンG(グレート) Urutoraman Gurēto) in Japan. It is the tenth series overall. The show was released on home video and later aired in Japan. The series did not air in Australia but later in North America, using its original title.


During a trip to Mars, astronauts Jack Shindo and Stanley Haggard witness a fight between two giants, a giant silver & red humanoid called Ultraman, and a giant sluglike tentacled creature called Gudis. During the battle, Stanley is killed by Gudis while escaping in the spacecraft (upon Jack's orders), but Ultraman is victorious. Although he destroys the Gudis, the alien creature evaporates into a green virus that rapidly streams towards Earth, thus beginning its invasion. Shindo, now stranded on Mars, stands face to face with the mysterious giant . . .

Back on Earth, the Gudis virus infects various lifeforms, controlling them and turning them into giant monsters! The only ones equipped to deal with the Gudis threat is the Universal Multipurpose Agency (UMA), a squadron with high-tech weapons and vehicles at their disposal. Led by Colonel Arthur Grant, the UMA team is ready to protect the Earth from the ravaging monsters. But all questions are answered when Jack Shindo mysteriously returns to Earth and, because of his amazing knowledge of the Gudis, is asked by Grant to join UMA. Jean Echo is the only member of UMA who was an aquaintance of his (and a possible love interest). Jack provides UMA with all the knowledge they need to cope with the Gudis monsters, but unbeknownst to them or anyone else, Jack uses the Delta Plasma Pendant to transform into Ultraman! The silver superman has merged his lifeforce with that of the Earthman, and has decided to stay on Earth to aid UMA in protecting it from Gudis, and all other possible threats.




Universal Multipurpose Agency


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Main article: Ultraman: Towards the Future Episodes
  1. Signs of Life
  2. The Hibernator
  3. The Child's Dream
  4. The Storm Hunter
  5. Blast from the Past
  6. The Showdown
  7. The Forest Guardian
  8. Bitter Harvest
  9. The Biospherians
  10. Tourists from the Stars
  11. The Survivalists
  12. The Age of Plagues
  13. Nemesis

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