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This article is about a series entry (the 16th) in the Ultraman franchise.
16 - Ultraman Gaia
Ultraman Gaia
Number: 16
Number of episodes: 51
2 movies
First episode: Seize the Light!
Original airing: September 5, 1998 – August 28, 1999
Production Order
Ultraman Dyna
Ultraman Nice

Ultraman Gaia (ウルトラマンガイア Urutoraman Gaia) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Tsuburaya's Ultra Series. It is the 16th series overall. The series started on September 5, 1998.


At the dawn of the 21st century, the Earth faces destruction. Its savior turns out to be super- intelligent college student Gamu Takayama, who bonds with the mysterious light of Ultraman Gaia in order to stop devastating attacks by inscrutable aliens. Gaia receives the support of Earth defense organization X.I.G., but soon finds himself clashing with another mysterious giant, Ultraman Agul, who thinks protecting the Earth doesn't necessarily mean protecting humans.



Gamu Takayama
Hiroya Fujimiya



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Other Allies



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Main article: Ultraman Gaia Episodes
  1. Seize the Light! (光をつかめ! Hikari o Tsukame!)
  2. A Hero Appears (勇者立つ Yūsha Tatsu)
  3. His Name is Gaia (その名はガイア Sono Na wa Gaia)
  4. Gamu of the Sky (天空の我夢 Tenkū no Gamu)
  5. Another Giant (もう1人の巨人 Mō Hitori no Kyojin)
  6. The Ridiculing Eye (あざ笑う眼 Azawarau Me)
  7. Cleansing of the Earth (地球の洗濯 Chikyū no Sentaku)
  8. The 4,600 Million Year-old Ghost (46億年の亡霊 Yonjūrokuokunen no Bōrei)
  9. Seagull Takes Off (シーガル飛びたつ Shīgaru Tobitatsu)
  10. Rock Fight (ロック・ファイト Rokku Faito)
  11. Dragon's Capital (龍の都 Ryū no Miyako)
  12. Monster Encircling Net (野獣包囲網 Yajū Hōimō)
  13. Night of the Marionettes (マリオネットの夜 Marionetto no Yoru)
  14. The Challenge from the Anti-Space (反宇宙からの挑戦 Han Uchū kara no Chōsen)
  15. When the Rain Stops (雨がやんだら Ame ga Yandara)
  16. The Birth of Agul (アグル誕生 Aguru Tanjō)
  17. The Shadow of Space, Light of Earth (天の影 地の光 Ten no Kage Chi no Hikari)
  18. Agul vs. Gaia (アグル対ガイア Aguru Tai Gaia)
  19. Lilia's Maze (迷宮のリリア Meikyū no Riria)
  20. The Fossil of Ruin (滅亡の化石 Metsubō no Kaseki)
  21. The Sea of a Mysterious Light (妖光の海 Yōkō no Umi)
  22. The Wings of a Stone (石の翼 Ishi no Tsubasa)
  23. Gamu Expelled (我夢追放! Gamu Tsuihō)
  24. Determination of Agul (アグルの決意 Aguru no Ketsui)
  25. The Showdown for Tomorrow (明日なき対決 Asu Naki Taiketsu)
  26. Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna & Ultraman Gaia: The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace (ウルトラマンティガ・ウルトラマンダイナ&ウルトラマンガイア超時空の大決戦 Urutoraman Tiga, Urutoraman Daina & Urutoraman Gaia Chō Jikū no Daisakusen)# The Final Resolution (決着の日 Ketchaku no Hi)
  27. A New Battle ~Version-up Fight!~ (新たなる戦い~ヴァージョンアップ・ファイト!~ Aratanaru Tatakai ~Vājon'appu Faito!~)
  28. The Advent of the Heatwave (熱波襲来 Neppa Shūrai)
  29. Distant City, Uqbar (遠い町・ウクバール Tōi Machi Ukubāru)
  30. The Demon's Cocoon (悪魔のマユ Akuma no Mayu)
  31. The Accursed Eye (呪いの眼 Noroi no Me)
  32. The Future Seen Before (いつか見た未来 Itsuka Mita Mirai)
  33. Battling the Legend (伝説との闘い Densetsu to no Tatakai)
  34. Crash of Souls! (魂の衝突! Tamashii no Shōtotsu!)
  35. Ransom for a Monster (怪物の身代金 Kaibutsu no Minoshirokin)
  36. The Sky of Reunion (再会の空 Saikai no Sora)
  37. Fourth Symphony of a Nightmare (悪夢の第四楽章 Akumu no Daiyon Gakushō)
  38. Ground-Breaking Tusks (大地裂く牙 Daichi Saku Kiba)
  39. The Lake of Sadness (悲しみの沼 Kanashimi no Numa)
  40. I Want to See Gaia! (ガイアに会いたい! Gaia ni Aitai!)
  41. The Resurrection of Agul (アグル復活 Aguru Fukkatsu)
  42. Gamu vs. Gamu (我夢対我夢 Gamu Tai Gamu)
  43. The Silver Eyes of Izak (銀色の眼のイザク Gin'iro no Me no Izaku)
  44. The Attack of the Space Monsters (宇宙怪獣大進撃 Uchū Kaijū Daishingeki)
  45. The Living Planet (命すむ星 Inochi Sumu Hoshi)
  46. The Attack of the Forest (襲撃の森 Shūgeki no Mori)
  47. XIG Destroyed!? (XIG壊滅!? Shigu Kaimetsu!?)
  48. The Revenge of the Death God (死神の逆襲 Shinigami no Gyakushū)
  49. An Angel Descends (天使降臨 Tenshi Kōrin)
  50. The Cry of the Earth (地球の叫び Chikyū no Sakebi)
  51. Earth is Ultraman's Star (地球はウルトラマンの星 Chikyū wa Urutoraman no Hoshi)


  1. Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna & Ultraman Gaia: The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace (ウルトラマンティガ・ウルトラマンダイナ&ウルトラマンガイア超時空の大決戦 Urutoraman Tiga, Urutoraman Daina & Urutoraman Gaia Chō Jikū no Daisakusen)
  2. Ultraman Gaia: Once Again Gaia (ウルトラマンガイア ガイアよ再び Urutoraman Gaia: Gaia yo Futatabi)

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