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Ultraman Max (ウルトラマンマックス Urutoraman Makkusu) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Tsuburaya's Ultra Series. It is the 21st series overall. This series started on July 2, 2005.


The show serves as a return to formula for the franchise with fast paced action and adventure and was a more light-hearted fare after the grim and dark tone of Nexus failed to catch on with audiences.


A strange visitor from space notices Toma's bravery when the young man risks his own life to help save a lost little boy from danger. The alien gives Toma the power to become the mighty superhero Ultraman Max, a towering red and silver giant 40 meters tall. When two gigantic monsters threaten the world, Toma uses his new powers to destroy them.



Ultraman Max Kaito Touma
Ultraman Xenon


Aliens and Monsters

Supporting Characters



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  1. Ultraman Max Arrives! (ウルトラマンマックス誕生! Urutoraman Makkusu Tanjō!)
  2. The Girl Who Keeps a Monster (怪獣を飼う女 Kaijū o Kau On'na)
  3. Mark of a Hero (勇士の証明 Yūshi no Shōmei)
  4. Infinite Invaders (無限の侵略者 Mugen no Shinryakusha)
  5. Monster Island Appears! (出現、怪獣島! Shutsugen, Kaijūtō!)
  6. 5 Seconds to Bombing (爆撃、5秒前 Bakugeki, Gobyō Mae)
  7. Destroyer of the Planet (星の破壊者 Hoshi no Hakaisha)
  8. DASH Annihilated!? (DASH 壊滅!? Dasshu Kaimetsu!?)
  9. Dragon Lover (龍の恋人 Ryū no Koibito)
  10. Young DASH (少年DASH Shōnen Dasshu)
  11. The Prophecy of Baraj (バラージの予言 Barāji no Yogen)
  12. Pursuit at Supersonic Speed (超音速の追撃 Chō Onsoku no Tsuigeki)
  13. Zetton's Daughter (ゼットンの娘 Zetton no Musume)
  14. King Joe in Love (恋するキングジョー Koi Suru Kingu Jō)
  15. Miracle of the Third Planet (第三番惑星の奇跡 Dai Sanban Wakusei no Kiseki)
  16. Who am I? (わたしはだあれ? Watashi wa Daare)
  17. Ice Beauty (氷の美女 Kōri no Bijo)
  18. Bright World (アカルイセカイ Akarui Sekai)
  19. The One from the Door (扉より来たる者 Tobira yori Kitaru Mono)
  20. Drifting Monster (怪獣漂流 Kaijū Hyōryū)
  21. Challenge from Underground (地底からの挑戦 Chitei kara no Chōsen)
  22. Butterfly Dream (胡蝶の夢 Kochō no Yume)
  23. Youth Again (甦れ青春 Yomigaere Seishun)
  24. The Untargeted Town (狙われない街 Nerawarenai Machi)
  25. A Distant Friend (遥かなる友人 Haruka Naru Yūjin)
  26. Christmas with Elly (クリスマスのエリー Kurisumasu no Erī)
  27. The Stolen Max Spark (奪われたマックススパーク Ubawareta Makkusu Supāku)
  28. Evil Attacks (邪悪襲来 Jaaku Shūrai)
  29. Why Monsters Appear (怪獣は何故現れるのか Kaijū wa Naze Arawareru Noka)
  30. Courage is from the Heart (勇気を胸に Yūki o Mune ni)
  31. Burn! Earth! (燃えつきろ! 地球!! Moe Tsukiro! Chikyū!!)
  32. Elly Destruction Directive (エリー破壊指令 Erī Hakai Shirei)
  33. Welcome to Earth! Part 1 - The Science of Planet Baltan (ようこそ! 地球へ 前篇 バルタン星の科学 Yōkoso! Chikyū e Zenpen Barutan Sei no Kagaku)
  34. Welcome to Earth! Part 2 - Farewell Alien Baltan! (ようこそ! 地球へ 後篇 さらば!バルタン星人 Yōkoso! Chikyū e Kōhen Saraba! Barutan Seijin)
  35. The Adam and Eve of Nebula M32 (M32星雲のアダムとイブ Emu Sanjūni Seiun no Adamu to Ibu)
  36. Alternate Dimension World (イジゲンセカイ Ijigen Sekai)
  37. Constellation Thief (星座泥棒 Seiza Dorobō)
  38. Prelude to Annihilation (地上壊滅の序曲 Chijō Kaimetsu no Jokyoku)
  39. Take hold of the Future! (つかみとれ! 未来 Tsukami Tore! Mirai)


  1. Special Finale -To the Ultra Future- (スペシャルフィナーレ ~ウルトラの未来へ~ Supesharu Fināre -Urutora no Mirai e-)

Video Release


Ultraman Max Premiere on TOKU!

  • Online streaming service Crunchyroll bought the rights to Ultraman Max for streaming internationally on October 10, 2014. It is unknown if Shout! Factory will pick up the series for DVD release afterward like they did with Ultra Seven and Ultra Q.
  • The television channel TOKU announced that the series will be broadcast in the United States on its channel with an English dub beginning February 27, 2017.


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