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Ultraman Decker

"I Gotta Do it Now!" New TV Series Ultraman Decker

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Another Gene

Original comic drawn by Gurihiru!

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Shin Ultraman

Fantasy and romance. And friendship.

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Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

The destined battle will reshape the entire galaxy!

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Welcome to the Ultraman Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything revolving around the Ultraman series produced by Tsuburaya Productions. We aim to build a comprehensive encyclopedia for all official material on the Ultraman Series. We encourage users to help improve this wiki and make it even better by creating or editing any of our articles!

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The Ultra Series (ウルトラシリーズ, Urutora Shirīzu), newly rebranded as the Ultraman Series (ウルトラマンシリーズ, Urutoraman Shirīzu), is a science fiction series created by Tsuburaya Productions featuring Ultraman and the myriad of Ultra Monsters. Since 1966, the series has continued to expanded, with numerous spinoffs and universes. Read more ▸

Icon-Decker.png Ultraman Decker (34)
Icon-Trigger.png Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga (33)
Icon-Z.png Ultraman Z (32)
Icon-taiga.png Ultraman Taiga (31)
Icon-rb.png Ultraman R/B (30)
Icon-geed.png Ultraman Geed (29)
Icon-zero.png Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle (28)
Icon-orb.png Ultraman Orb (27)
Icon-X.png Ultraman X (26)
Icon-gingas.png Ultraman Ginga S (25)
Icon-ginga.png Ultraman Ginga (24)
Icon-retsuden.png New Ultraman Retsuden (EX)
Icon-nuq.png Neo Ultra Q (EX)
Icon-zone.png Ultra Zone (EX)
Icon-retsuden.png Ultraman Retsuden (EX)
Icon-galaxyneo.png Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey (23)
Icon-galaxy.png Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (23)
Icon-sevenx.png Ultraseven X (EX)
Icon-mebius.png Ultraman Mebius (22)
Icon-max.png Ultraman Max (21)
Icon-nexus.png Ultraman Nexus (20)
Icon-qdf.png Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy (EX)
Icon-cosmos.png Ultraman Cosmos (19)
Icon-neos.png Ultraman Neos (18)
Icon-nice.png Ultraman Nice (17)
Icon-gaia.png Ultraman Gaia (16)
Icon-dyna.png Ultraman Dyna (15)
Icon-tiga.png Ultraman Tiga (14)
Icon-zearth.png Ultraman Zearth (13)
Icon-seven.png Heisei Ultraseven (EX)
Icon-powered.png Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero (12)
Icon-great.png Ultraman: Towards the Future (11)
Icon-USA.png Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (10)
Icon-80.png Ultraman 80 (09)
Icon-theum.png The☆Ultraman (08)
Icon-leo.png Ultraman Leo (07)
Icon-taro.png Ultraman Taro (06)
Icon-ace.png Ultraman Ace (05)
Icon-jack.png Return of Ultraman (04)
Icon-seven.png Ultraseven (03)
Icon-um.png Ultraman (02)
Icon-q.png Ultra Q (01)
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