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Ultraman X The Movie: Here comes our Ultraman! (劇場版 ウルトラマンX きたぞ!われらのウルトラマン - Gekijō-ban Urutoraman X kita zo! Ware-ra no Urutoraman) is a theatrical film that serves as an epilogue to the Ultraman X series. This film debuted on March 12th, 2016.[1]


When realty TV host Carlos Kurozaki breaks into a mysterious underground pyramid for a television event, he removes a special gem. . . and unwittingly releases a diabolical monster called Zaigorg! The evil creature wants Kurozaki’s gem, so it spawns an army of giant kaijus to get it! It’s up to the famous superheroes Ultraman X, Ultraman Tiga, and the one and only original Ultraman to stop the worldwide monster war!


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