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Zaigorg (ザイゴーグ - Zaigōgu) is a Monster that appeared in the film, Ultraman X The Movie: Here comes our Ultraman![1]

Subtitle: Devil Beast (閻魔獣 - Enmajū)

Character History

Ultraman X The Movie: Here comes our Ultraman!

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Ultraman Geed

Zaigorg reappeared in the series, Ultraman Geed.[2]

In this series, Zaigorg was one of the many Monster Capsules that was in the possession of the Alien Sturm, Kei Fukuide. When a Dada who was hunting Kei with his Customized Legionoid had the amnesiac author cornered, the alien mentioned the name of Kei's former master: Ultraman Belial. Upon hearing it, his memories suddenly returned. No longer cowering in fear like he was before, Kei summoned Zaigorg's Monster Capsule, and the Demonic Monster was unleashed upon Dada and his Legionoid. The alien tried its best to fight back against Zaigorg, but despite all of the modifications that the Dada made to Belial's former robot, it paled in comparison to the demonic strength of Zaigorg, and both Dada and the robot were destroyed by Zaigorg's Demonic Heat Ray.

Riku arrived on the scene, and after Kei learned of Riku's presence too, the crazed Alien Sturm assisted Zaigorg by fusing with his monster capsules of Eleking and Ace Killer once again to take the form of the Fusion Beast, Thunder Killer. Realizing that there was nothing he could do to save Kei now, Riku transformed into Ultraman Geed to stop him and his monsters. With the Fusion Beast and the Demonic Monster working together, Geed was no match for both Zaigorg and Thunder Killer, in his primitive form. However after transforming into his Royal Mega-Master form, Geed regained his momentum by fighting back against Zaigorg and Thunder Killer with the King Sword until finally, Zaigorg was destroyed by the "Lance Spark" attack by Ultraman Jack's Ultra Capsule. Inheritor of the Dream

Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes



  • Zaigorg's overall design and being himself are tied to connections with Hell:
    • His horns are based on a demon's horns.
    • His club hand is based on the clubs wielded by Oni in Japanese mythology.
    • His back spikes are designed to resemble a mountains made of needles.
    • His tail is based on a Saw.
    • His mouth is designed to resemble the pool of blood in hell.
    • His eyes are designed to resemble the 64 eyed hellish oni.
    • His roar is meant to sound like the laugh of Satan.
    • His name also takes inspiration from "jigoku" (stylized "Zigoku"), meaning hell in Chinese.



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